Wednesday, November 1, 2017

McCain Takes Swipe at Trump: ‘We Must Fight Crackpot Conspiracy Theories’


McCain spoke against building a wall and isolationism at the Brigade of Midshipmen at the United States Naval Academy. He said, “We have to fight against propaganda and crackpot conspiracy theories. We have to fight isolationism, protectionism and nativism. We have to defeat those who would worsen our divisions.”
McCain added that “we have to remind our sons and daughters that we became the most powerful nation on earth by tearing down walls, not building them.”

The Hill reports:

McCain, who has been diagnosed with brain cancer, didn’t directly name Trump during his speech, which was largely focused on serving the country. But his remarks mirrored some of his criticism of the administration and a strain of nationalism embodied by Trump’s campaign rhetoric.
Comparing the current state of nation to the early 1990s, which he described as “hopeful,” the 81-year-old senator argued that it was “time to wake up.”

He added, “We are asleep to the necessity of our leadership, and to the opportunities and real dangers of this world. We are asleep in our echo chambers, where our views are always affirmed and information that contradicts them is always fake.”
He also slammed the “America First” agenda and said, “Our failure to remain engaged in Europe and enforce the hard-won peace of 1918 had made that clear. There could be no more isolationism, no more tired resignation — no more ‘America First.”

oped: Once a traitor, always a traitor. Just look at McCain. 

Indeed...#Songbird McCain :

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