Sunday, April 23, 2017

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Ok gonna be blunt here...Libertarians /Vegetarians one and the same... those without a clue about real life and the consequences of...professional students one and all...never got their soft callus free hands dirty fighting for their 1st Amendment rights...yet they claim to know all about it...News flash Greg Gutfeld ~Kat Timph if God did not want us to eat meat he would not have given us canine teeth...and if he did not want us to  fight for our rights he would not have given us free is a test to judge your will to fight for what is right not just talk smack and give cutesy analogies ! Yes Kat the best smelling air is that of freedom...however one must fight for it not just smile and accept what others fought so hard for...and Kat and Greg you claim to be agnostic, free from ridicule... yeppers your silly little lives consist of praising Puff the Magic Dragon~If it feels good do it~It's your right, yes?...yep living in a world of smoky fog ...Just shakes my head at silly little wanna be philosophers! Just remember what God gives God can take away in heartbeat. Fame is fleeting and in most cases short lived #Think

Oh and Kat those oversized glasses don't make ya look smart nor nerdy...just goofy get a clue silly little girl 

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