Friday, December 2, 2016

Attn: Ivanka Trump...Climate Change! Really?

Ivanka Trump

Ok young may be great in real estate management, garden parties, jewelry and clothing lines and have a net worth north of 150m...however you haven't a clue about climate change! Just a fact Jack... I'm going to tell you what your dad obviously failed to do..I'll cut him some slack only because he is a dad and you are the proverbial daddy's little girl!
You have lived your young life in the proverbial bubble on the top floor of a pent house...may I suggest next summer you, hubby and the kids take a two week vacation roughing it... camping, hunting and fishing not in a Winnebago with all the amenities...but back packing it the old fashioned way tent and all...getting close to nature and all of it's beauty, glory it's up's and downs!

You will learn that man,woman, elite college professors nor the government controls the climate...'Mother Nature' does...she has for the millennium's of this rock we call planet earth.

As for your obvious lack of education on the myth of Climate Change let me help you...not blaming you as you attended school/college in the ninetees forward under brainwashing progressive teachers/ professors with a agenda!

Here you go youngin' your homework assignment to bring you up to speed... read all of  the links posted to get you started...then continue your journey on finding the truth!  

This sums up the following links :  However in order to learn properly, just remember: 'Theory without fact is hypothesis...Fact without Theory is Chaos' and yes you may quote this old fart...ha~ enjoy, I only give the grade of pass or don't worry about a

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