Thursday, December 1, 2016

John Kerry Warns He Will Not Go Quietly Into The Night

John Kerry Warns He Will Not Go Quietly Into The Night
oped: Whatever ya say Lt "Swift Boat" Kerry...sorry ya ain't no JFK and never will be you have attained your 15 minutes of fame...and all of it negative akin to Barry 'Barack',Al and Hillary.
Here is all I have to say about your silly 'Oh my'... the deadly Climate Change:  You may have snowed the Pope,the EU the East and West coast USA but certainly not Middle America the Fly Over Zone...of which the majority of veterans hail from! Read...the gig is up...head off into the proverbial one cares what you and yours have to say about anything!


In 50 or so days, John Kerry be cast from government. The climate agreement he signed has no effect and his own carbon footprint is laughable, much like his career. Maybe he thinks he’s still a member of the Senate or something? He can whine, cry & stomp his foot all he wants, nothing he does will change the fact that he & his policies are destined for the trash heap.

US Secretary of State John Kerry warned Tuesday that he “will not go quietly into the night” as President-elect Donald Trump’s incoming administration prepares to shake up US foreign policy.
Addressing an association of women diplomats, Kerry said he would help ensure a smooth handover of power in his department but would continue to argue for environmental protection, foreign aid and strong alliances.

“We’re going to have one hell of a debate over the next few years, I can assure you, and I can promise you this… I am not going to go quietly into the night,” he said, to warm applause.
The 72-year-old Democrat did not mention Trump by name, but his speech was a wide-ranging defense of policies the incoming Republican and his conservative and nationalist supporters have threatened to overturn.
He insisted the Iran deal had made the world safer by blocking Tehran’s path to a nuclear weapon and the Paris climate accord would help stave off “a dire threat to our security and the future prosperity of our planet.”
On the campaign trail, Trump threatened to tear up or renegotiate both these accords and called into question the future of US military alliances, accusing European and Asian partners of not pulling their weight.
“We cannot survive as a fact-free nation,” Kerry declared, urging leaders to heed the warnings of climate science and to invest in green technology rather than a return to coal that Trump advocated on the stump. More

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