Saturday, July 2, 2016

Attn:Kawlifornia Conservatives and supporters of the USC/Bill of Rights...

Image result for funny pictures California gov brown Lt Gov Newsom pot heads  Image result for funny pictures California gov brown Lt Gov Newsom pot heads
Gov Brown <~evil Gun-a-Phobic SOB's~>Lt Gov Newsom

California is in self destruct mode under control of the looney seditionist known as the progressive party (CPUSA).
The only way Kawlifornia can be saved is by every conservative to pack up and leave the state taking your family,money,business,pets and yes everything you own including the kitchen sink and relocating to a state that embraces all of the Bill of Rights! Since conservatives pay most of the taxes the only way to wake the state up is by removing their tax income...let the progressives eat cake... take your steak where you and your God given rights are welcomed! I bailed out of California way back in 1994 moved to N/Nevada I saw the writing on the wall.... Kawlifornia  has been going downhill fast since.
I hate to be the bearer of bad news but  it is only going to get worse...Your only option is to get the hell out of Dodge even if you lose some initial money in the process, after all the well being and security of your family should outweigh any temporary inconvenience!

addendum side note: If all conservatives left it would remove 60% of the tax base...which would force cuts to welfare and all the special interest programs...causing BlackLivesMatter/ illegal aliens to this would be justice ha!

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Good luck and God speed

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