Saturday, June 6, 2015

You Gotta Love Rick Perry’s Optimism

Rick Perry 3

oped: All I have to say about this: 'Remember the Alamo' Texas rocks the other 49 states a lil weak to say the least!
Perry knows that America can be great.
Check it out:
Man, I have to tell you: What a difference! The last time Rick Perry ran (which, of course, was in 2012), he started out okay. The debates happened; we learned later that he was taking pain medication for surgery and so forth, and wasn’t quite himself.
But my memory of Rick Perry the last time around is that by the end of it there were a lot of people laughing at him, making fun of him, generally disrespecting him, not giving him much a chance. Which I always found kind of curious. Rick Perry has run Texas for a long time. Texas is in one of the best shapes of any state in this country. Texas is one of the few states where the Republicans do get a sizable percentage of the Hispanic vote. You look at Texas and from our standpoint, Texas would be a great model to replicate all over this country.

Yet here they are. People were making fun of or ridiculing Rick Perry for a number of reasons. So I expected more of the same. When Perry made his announcement, I thought there’d be the same catcalls, the same type of reaction. But it’s the opposite. It really is stunning. The Wall Street Journal: “Rick Perry’s Lodestar State — Perry has proven what America can look like from sea to shining sea. Former Texas Governor Rick Perry on Thursday joined the elephant herd running for president.
“And while the Beltway crowd considers the 65-year-old a long shot, he deserves as much of a hearing as anyone else given his impressive 14-year record as a reform conservative.” Now, the Journal editorial page, they sometimes go off the path on doctrinaire conservatism, particularly when if comes to things like amnesty and so forth. But this is… It’s not an endorsement, but it’s really flattering and positive, and it’s not at all what I expected, simply based on the kind of treatment Perry got last time out.
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