Thursday, May 8, 2014

Oath Keepers: A US Army Ranger Exposes Ryan Payne

On the Second of May, 2014, Oath Keepers noted in an email advisory for our membership and subscribers, about fifty-four thousand of them, that "...we think that the greater majority of militiamen and militiawomen serving there [at the Bundy Ranch] are tops. To you we say: You have our support and our gratitude for your sacrifice for the Bundy Ranch mission. Well done.  However, Oath Keepers suggests that you do question your leadership to be sure they are who and what they claim to be. We would especially encourage people to look into any claims about any specialty service in the military that any of the current leaders might claim."

 That is remarkable when we look into Ryan Payne - remember him? He is the little twerp who decided that Oath Keepers "deserted" our posts at the Bundy Ranch in Nevada, that Oath Keepers are traitors and cowards, that Oath Keepers have committed treason, that Oath Keepers have stolen supplies or logistics, and that Oath Keepers gambled away thousands of dollars at the casinos up the highway from the Bundy Ranch. Yes, Ryan Payne said all that and more about Oath Keepers. And Oath Keepers said at that time that Ryan Payne was lying.  

Oath Keepers intuited that Ryan Payne is at best an avid liar and a liability by his behavior, posture, tonal inflections, and the asinine arrogance of his unchecked powers of narcissism.

Oath Keepers has been on a few rides in our brief sojourn in service to the Constitution. We've been all through the COINTELPRO / NSA / Intel Community / CIA-Wall Street-WDC /  Military-Industrial Complex mass-tandem of un-natural fate. We  notice that the scenes never change in the theater of the absurd. The government which sent an army down upon a bunch of American ranchers and cowboys in Nevada's desert has a long history of infiltrating American cultural segments, including since the 1990s their infiltration of as many of the militias as they could. No one disputes that, and government records reveal it to be true.  

Now at the Ranch we have a noisy and self-anointed puffed-up grandiosity in a small package strutting his war-plan command scenarios as if his dream-wish fantasy of warrior-like heroism were really more real than reality. And he wants Oath Keepers banned from the Bundy Ranch, on grounds of his allegations that Oath Keepers has committed treason etc.  Oath Keepers smells a rat. 

We have now been blessed by discovering the vetting work done by a US Army Ranger. Seems that our outspoken antagonist, Ryan Payne, has presented himself to the world as a Ranger, in various different places on the World Wide Web, and apparently intended to actually have people believe that he was really a Ranger. We can only guess that he has done this for political capital and influence over the proletariat.  He is now caught in that lie, and you heard about it first from Jim White at NorthWest Liberty News.   

Please read the emails between a *real* Ranger - Danny Harrington - and the US government Ranger school, as Danny Harrington sought to verify Ryan Payne's claim of being a Ranger. 

Here is James White's audio file of the interview with Ranger Danny Harrington

The Best Way to Anger a Ranger
The Best Way to Anger a Ranger

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