Friday, March 8, 2013

Leaked Email Reveals George Soros Plot

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The George Soros Blueprint for North Carolina
Leaked email reveals shadowy liberal network in Tarheel State
A nonprofit organization in North Carolina funded by progressive mega-donor George Soros has been linked to a partisan strategy memo aimed at derailing the state Republican leadership’s legislative agenda, throwing light on the shadowy network of liberal groups that operate in the state.
The memo surfaced as part of a set of leaked documents that also contained liberal talking points and polling data. Stephanie Bass, the communications director for the liberal nonprofit group Blueprint NC, allegedly emailed out the documents.
Bass called the documents “CONFIDENTIAL” in her email and asked recipients to share them “with your boards and appropriate staff but not the whole world.”
Blueprint NC coordinates with other liberal nonprofits in North Carolina. The Soros-financed Open Society Institute was the third-largest donor to the group in 2011, according to tax forms. Soros has been linked with other shadowy liberal financing operations, most notably the Democracy Alliance.
The strategy memo proposes that liberal groups work closely with liberal state legislators on unspecified bills and strategy and try to exploit tensions between various Republican leaders.
The memo also proposes specific opposition measures the group can take against Republican leaders. One proposal is to send a video crew to follow Republican state leaders’ “every move.”
Another is to send operatives to Republican Gov. Pat McCrory’s public events in order to pose “audience questions at any town hall.” The memo contains both a two-year and ten-year vision for the progressive groups.

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