Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Lest we not forget Lt.Michael Behenna

This week we filed Michael’s petition to the United States Supreme Court.  This is the last legal venue available to Michael and will be the first time Michael’s case will be heard outside the military justice system. We hope and pray the civilian judges on the Supreme Court will have a far different view of a Soldier’s right to defend oneself in a war zone when attacked by a member of al-Qa’ida.  A team of four attorneys worked tirelessly, even sacrificing holiday time with their families, to put forth a petition that provides Michael his best opportunity to obtain Supreme Court review.  We cannot thank them enough for the work they did on behalf of our son.  To read the Supreme Court petition click on the following link:
Our fourth trip to the Army Clemency Board will occur on February 7th.  We will again present evidence that Michael is not a threat to society; that he has been a positive influence even in a prison environment; that he has been severely punished for his actions (far beyond what others convicted of a similar crime have received); and that he can easily assimilate back into society if given a chance.  The Secretary of the Army can consider these four factors to greatly reduce Michael’s sentence or to release him with time served.
We remain eternally grateful for all the letters, cards and gifts you’ve sent to Michael, contributions made to his legal fund, and your letters and phone calls to your Congressmen and Senators over the past four years.  Your words of support and encouragement have sustained Michael and our entire family through this difficult and painful struggle to regain our son’s freedom.  We graciously ask for your help to keep up the political pressure and other assistance to make Michael’s release a reality.  Here is an easy way to determine your Congressional Representatives and their addresses:
Also, the petition is back in working order – please forward to your friends to help us get over the 30,000 mark.
Thank you for your support of our son.  May this year be the year that Michael returns home to his family!

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