Thursday, September 20, 2012

Yes, Islam is an enemy

by Erik Rush 

With the events of the last week, the fact of Islam’s compatibility with American society has been rendered as unambiguous as it could possibly be. This is not because Muslims possess inconveniently hypersensitive religious sensibilities; they obviously do, but it has been established that the Mideast riots that kicked off on Sept. 11, 2012, had nothing to do with a certain pathetic anti-Islam video, so we won’t even go there.
Islam has never played well with others, and this is because it is a worldview with a creed, dogma and religious aspects, rather than a religion per se. All of these militate against its tolerance of divergent societies and cultures. While certain theologians and historians will argue this, an objective view of Islam’s history clearly bears it out. It has been well-established historically by former lay Muslims and former Muslims in the academic realm that once practitioners of Islam reach an elusive “critical mass” within a population, they become dissident aggressors, intent upon implementing Islam across the entirety of a society. This is why they have such terms as taqiyya and dhimmi in their lexicon in the first place.

As of last Saturday, there were anti-American protests taking place in well over three dozen Islamic cities in over 17 countries, from Europe and North Africa through Asia and into the South Pacific. Given the observations we have of Muslims over the past 20 years alone, it is imperative that we cast aside the politically correct weakness of academics and sentimental fools who declare that it’s only a minority within Islam who are extreme and violent, and that they “know lots of peaceful Muslims,” respectively.
Every day, I see the so-called “peaceful Muslims” who have jobs and families, and send their children to schools with ours. Although they appear generally unassuming most of the time, I have also seen Muslim students among them protesting against Israel and the U.S. on street corners near the local university (one may recall that the press designation for perpetrators of the Iran hostage crisis in 1979 was “students”). My own children have heard theirs let slip at school concerning the necessity of Israel’s destruction and America being an oppressor nation.
Whether our “peaceful” Muslim neighbors are truly peaceful or practicing taqiyya (deceiving infidels to advance the faith), the results will be the same. At best, they remain silent in fear of the radical element; at worst, they will support the radical element, or mobilize to fight alongside them as needed. I believe that the majority of “moderate” Muslim talking heads we see in the media are most certainly practicing taqiyya, disinformation being their chief function in the struggle to subjugate America.

I’m no more eager to segregate or disenfranchise anyone than are most of us. I know that the innocent children of our ostensibly peaceful Muslim neighbors are being victimized, just as the squads of jihad-indoctrinated and occasionally armed youngsters abroad we see in news photos and video clips are being victimized. They are nonetheless just as able to shout of death to Jews and America as are their parents. Might they just as readily detonate a suicide vest in an American school or market or theater if so ordered?
This is truth: Both the political left and Islamists in America have been exploiting the First Amendment and Americans’ generous nature in order to conquer us. It’s that simple, and if it does come to violent confrontation, I’d rather our side be victorious, whatever that takes.
Propaganda and misinformed voters aside, the majority of Americans will not stand for a socialist totalitarian state, nor one that adheres to Shariah law. Radical Islamists, like many primitive and patriarchal cultures, understand but one thing: willingness to employ the unrestrained force of might. Perhaps this is why the original Count Dracula (aka “Vlad the Impaler”), chose to very publicly impale thousands of his Turkish Muslim enemies after a 1459 victory in battle. The extremity of this measure far surpassed that which the Ottomans expected from their European would-be dhimmis. 

Liberals who have been dedicatedly working toward disenfranchising the Christian majority in America now demand that we don kid gloves and walk on eggshells, lest we “hurt Muslim feelings.” This, for a culture that murders over perceived slights, throws acid in women’s faces, blames rape victims, marries off 9-year-old girls and saws people’s heads off as a matter of course. While it is doubtful that liberal leaders actually desire our mass conversion to Islam, it is certain that this is part of the general subversion of the paradigm, the process of breaking the American spirit.
We have seen how effectively radical Islamists can mobilize in nations in which they are a majority and the dangerous transformations they have achieved in areas of Europe. With this evidence before us, will Americans simply “choose” to be stupid, to be led into desolation by the worst among us, unwilling to commit to decisive action over names we may be called by our enemies?
I pray that this is not the case.

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