Sunday, September 16, 2012

Iran: Jerusalem will be Israeli 'graveyard'

by Reza Kahlili 

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Iranian analyst Alireza Forghani boasted today that Jerusalem, which he claims was invaded over 50 years ago by the “pig-faced” Jews, will soon become a mass “graveyard” for the Israeli people.
Forghani, a strategy specialist in the camp of Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, boasted that every city in Israel will turn into a killing ground and the longsuffering of Muslims worldwide “will be justified by the mighty Islamic Iran.” No one then will listen to the cries of the women and children of Israel, the author warned, when Jerusalem becomes “the biggest graveyard in the world.”

Forghani has also previously penned articles that laid out the legal and religious justification for the destruction of Israel and the slaughter of its people, as well as the right of Islamic Iran to obtain the nuclear bomb.
Forghani said that former U.S. National Security Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski, in his recent article “Changes in the Gulf,” stated that the U.S. should pursue a broad strategy of engagement, containment and deterrence toward Iran. Such a strategy, Forghani argued, shows that the “84-year-old Brzezinski has lost his reasoning” and ignores Iran’s strategy of confrontation.
The Islamic government has pursued confrontation on political, military, economic and cultural fronts with America, Forghani said and referred to a statement by Khamenei, whom he refers to as Imam: “As long as the United States refuses to end its evil behaviors, negotiations and establishing relations with it is a dead end.”

Therefore, engagement, containment and deterrence by America, Forghani said, “are indeed vain dreams of insane Americans.”
The author said the strategy of confrontation is rooted in the Quran and a message by Allah (Quran, 2:193): “Jihad on infidels, killing them until there are no more sinners and sedition on earth and until all are believers of Allah. But if they cease, then there is to be no more aggression except against the oppressors.”
Thus, the only strategy the Islamic republic will continuously pursue will be the strategy of confrontation, Forghani said.
He argued that many regime specialists believe that the main enemies of Islam are the “Zionists” and Israel and that the center of worldwide sedition is within Israel. Forghani said that with each hour that passes, Israel is closer to the end of its existence.

“If [the Jews] do not voluntarily leave the area, then there will be no other way but to destroy the place and bury all of its inhabitants, including women and children, though the holy Al Aqsa Mosque (the third holiest site in Islam) is also located there,” he said.
Forghani argued Syria should attack Israel and claimed Iran is looking for a pretext to annihilate Israel.
“Wherever any nation or any group fights the Zionist regime, we will support them,” Forghani quoted Khamenei.
The author said this statement is taken to heart by all Muslims and Shiites, and as soon as the first bullets are fired toward Israel by Syria, Iran “must under no circumstance waste this last chance to annihilate Israel.”
There is one guarantee that Iran can give Israelis, Forghani said: Even though they did not “fulfill their messianic mission,” they will be buried in their “promised land.”
Meanwhile, the top commander of the regime’s Revolutionary Guards also warned Israel today that the Guards with their missile capability will make sure that “nothing will remain” of Israel should it attack Iran’s nuclear facilities.

Negotiations by world powers with Iran over its illicit nuclear program have come to a halt, even as the regime is stepping up its uranium enrichment program. The IAEA report of Aug. 30 said the Iranian nuclear program is expanding and the regime is stonewalling on inspections of the site where possible nuclear weapons experiments are said to have taken place.
Reports last week also indicated that the U.N. has received significant new intelligence that Iran has moved closer to building a nuclear weapon. The Islamic regime currently has enough enriched uranium for six nuclear bombs if the material is further enriched.

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