Saturday, September 22, 2012

Pelosi Vow To Amend Constitution To Overturn Citizens United If Dems Retake The House…

OpEd: Jack
Wow Nancy Pelosi /Barack Obama just get dumber by the day..guess they forgot how that works...hello to amend the Constitution it takes 2/3 rds of the States to ratify!

Nancy longs for the good old days when unions were allowed sole access to influence elections with hundreds of millions of dollars.
If Democrats were to take control of the House of Representatives after the November elections, Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said her party would “amend the [U.S.] Constitution” on the “very first day” to overturn the Supreme Court’s “Citizens United” decision.

President Obama said he supports a constitutional amendment to reverse the ruling and keep undisclosed corporate contributions out of elections.
“On the very first day we would have a jobs bill. We would have a jobs bill, much of it would contain what President Obama has in the American Jobs Act. It would be as simple as A-B-C.
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