Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Arrest Them All!

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Holder Didnt Inhale SC Arrest Them All!

It seems that Obama’s Department of Justice is refusing Congress’s orders to start legal proceedings against Attorney General Eric Holder, Jr. Holder has been found guilty of both criminal and civil contempt of Congress charges by a vote of the majority of the House of Representatives, including 17 Democrats. In my humble opinion, this is an obstruction of justice. Is the Department of Justice really echoing Obama’s “I will decide which laws to enforce and which ones not to” attitude? Is Obama’s Department of Justice really saying that Holder is ABOVE the law and cannot be touched?

Maybe the remedy to this situation would be to have the United States Marshall Service start arresting Justice Department officials from the top down for obstruction of justice and frog-march them out into the street in front of Justice for all the news media to see. If the news media refuses to go to the rats, we will bring the rats to them. What a deal! The arrests should continue until someone at Justice will comply with Congresse’s order. I, for one, am sick of this Chicago Thugocracy, from Obama on down, thinking they no longer have to answer to anyone! Well, they do just like everyone else in this country. Congress should enact a law against this ridiclous kind of arrogance.
Two Federal agents have died, Brian Terry and Jamie Zapata, along with hundreds of Mexican citizens because of a screwed up plan to set the stage for the abolition of the Second Amendment by the SOCIALIST PROGRESSIVE administration of Barack Hussien Obama and his Thugocracy. Holder then attepted to cover it up and stonewalled Congress for a year and half. Unfortunately for Obama and Holder, a whistleblower, a couple of agents’ murders, and some wiretaps and and a paper trail show that they were attempting to keep it from Congress and the public. BUSTED!

One of the most disgraceful displays by the Democrats in my lifetime was when about 100 of them walked out of the House session that was voting to hold the Attorney General accountable for his actions and refusal to cooperate! The SOCIALISTS claimed that this action was an unwarranted “political witch hunt!’ No, actually this has real evidence of wrongdoing by Holder and Obama. The REAL political “witch hunt” took place during the Bush administration’s “Valerie Plame” fiasco!
I have one question for the black community in America who support Obama, Holder, and the like: why, with so many other ethical, upstanding, and honest blacks do you continue to support these Chicago back alley thugs? You have over 14% youth unemployment. Your social status and standard of living have gone down, not up, under this administration. Are the New Black Panthers, Sharpton, Jackson, and “Calypso Louie” Farrakhan really the people who represent your values? Google “black millionaires and billionaires”, and see for yourselves how many blacks have really prospered in this country rather that what the race-peddlers have tried to sell you. Your heroes, and those of your children and grandchildren, should be the 7 black servicemen awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for their sacrifice in World War II. Or the first black marine unit from this war.

Is America going to let what Dr Martin Luther King, Jr. accomplished for civil rights be erased because these thugs have no character? Wasn’t that how Dr King said a person should be judged, and not by the color of their skin. If your son or daughter was killed in the service of the United States government, wouldn’t you feel that you had a right to know what happened? The Terry and Zapata families almost certainly feel this way, but AG Holder refuses to tell, and Obama shields him behind an unwarranted execution of “executive privilege.”
The questions still remain: who authorized this fiasco and why? Who knew about this program? Who lied to Congress? The answer to these questions, or the failure to obtain the answers, is going to tell the American public whether we are still a Representative Republic or a Banana Republic dictatorship. We still have time to save this country, and November 6, 2012 will be when it it determined whether America lives or dies. Your choice.
By the way, how’s the fact that Obamacare is really just the biggest tax increase in ALL of American history working out for ya? Just thought I’d ask because we are all going to find out what “FREE” really costs! Adieu.
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