Wednesday, February 22, 2012

By pass the Media...Newt 2012

Newt 2012
What if we had an energy program that enabled the American people to develop so much new energy that we were no longer reliant on Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Iran?
What if that new American energy program created over a million new, high paying jobs and gasoline was $2.50 a gallon, not $4.00?
The establishment will say it is "unrealistic," but in a new 30 minute speech I outline how to make energy independence a reality.
Newt 2012
Our plan is to purchase 30 minute blocks of time in key cities between now and Super Tuesday and put our message of lower gasoline prices on televisions across the county. Can you contribute $25, $50, $100, or $250 to help us buy advertising time for this powerful energy speech?
The elite media loves to write about trivial gossip and gotcha moments - anything but positive ideas. So we need your help to bypass the media and speak directly to the American people about my bold solutions for energy independence.
While my opponents continue to cling to their clever 30 second attack ads, we will be airing a 30 minute address with substantive solutions. The choice couldn't be clearer. Please stand with me and make a generous contribution today.
Thank You,
Newt 2012Newt Gingrich
P.S. If you believe in the power of bold ideas, then please make a generous contribution today to help us bypass the elite media and put my 30 minute energy speech on the air. *** Do not forget*** You are invited to join a conference call with Governor Perry live from the Mesa Arts Center in Arizona today at 5:00pm MST! The call in phone number is 855-ask-newt (275-6398)and then, remember to tune in at 6:00pm MST for the CNN/Arizona Republican Party Debate!
To Donate By Mail Please Send Checks To:
Newt 2012
Post Office Box 550769
Atlanta, GA 30355

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