Friday, January 27, 2012

The reason the GOP and Fox News refuses to address the Obama eligibility issue..!

It has become quite clear why Fox News and the GOP refuse to address the Obama eligibility issue..they are grooming both Marco Rubio and Gov Bobby Jindal for a future Presidential run..although I respect and like both Marco and Bobby they are not eligible as they are not 'Natural Born Citizens'...Marco was born in 1971 his parents did not become 'Naturalized Citizens' until 1975... Gov Bobby Jindal also was born before his parents became 'Naturalized Citizens'...we must adhere to the rule of law...what applies to Obama must also apply to Marco and Bobby!
If Congress has a issue with this they would have to amend the Constitution to allow 'Naturalized Citizens' to run for the Office of President...until then the rule of law must be enforced for all!

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