Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Obama to Win 2012 Election by Hook or by Crook...!

Democrats are resorting to desperate measures to try to insure a 2012 victory for Barak Obama and I believe the expression ‘by hook or by crook’ best describes their methods.
Like many of you, I love to go fishing.  I’ve fished many different ways for a number of different types of fish, but always with the same objective, to hook them and reel them in.  I have used various baits from worms, to corn to dough balls and chicken liver to fish with a bobber.  I’ve bass fished using a variety of different lures with the best results being lures my dad made.  Most of all, I enjoy fly fishing as there is more finesse involved in landing your catch.
And all of this reminds me of politics and the use of some kind of bait to lure in the voter.  Once the voter takes the bait by casting their vote, they’re stuck with the consequences and in the case of the Democrats of late, those consequences are much like caught fish, because you end up being devoured by the one that caught you.
As for the crook aspect, there can be no doubt that democrats are doing whatever they can to steal the election for Obama.

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