Saturday, December 25, 2010

End of Times...Merry Christmas...!

Revelations..The end of Times..."the time will be as clear as the changing of the seasons for those with open eyes" Did God send a message by causing a sewage spill off Obamas Vacation Beach property?Was he marking the Anti-Christ?..Or was it the local Government that was sending our congressional Reps the message that it is time to Impeach Obama...either way it is time for all Christians and God fearing people to flood all Congress as well as the Senate the message to Impeach the Fraud called Obama... all his administration staff and the ACLU[Anti-Christ Legions Unleashed] was written the end of times would be marked by persecution of Christians World wide...are we not seeing this attack by the Obama administration and orchestrated by the ACLU?
Enjoy your Christmas celebrations...but first thing Monday morning begin the flooding of the offices of congress!

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