Thursday, December 28, 2017

Young Thug Gets Knocked Out Cold After Older Man Hears Him Disrespecting Women

For an older guy, he sure packs a punch.
An internet video resurfacing on social media puts a new twist on one of the oldest scenes in American pop culture: A beach bully getting his comeuppance.
The video was posted to YouTube in February 2014, but doesn’t contain any details about where this particular confrontation took place.
It does, however, explain the setup:
“A 44 year old man was defending his wife from a drunk 25 year old kid who was harassing a group of women. Grey haired old man KO on douchebag.”

The context is easy enough to imagine: A young buck, apparently fueled by alcohol, decides acting like an obnoxious buffoon is the most effective way to impress young ladies. (It’s one of the miracles of the humanity that young bucks like that have been around as long as the species, but somehow mankind keeps trudging along.)
This time, though, an older gentleman decided he wasn’t going to let Mr. Obnoxious have his way, and the rest is well worth seeing.
Warning: The video contains some strong language and quick violence.   

The payoff moment comes about the 1:45 mark, but the run-up and the aftermath are just as good.
Watching that posturing ass show off his muscles, boast of his youth – “I’m f***ing 25 years old” – and generally behave deplorably is all the better if you have an idea of what’s coming.
And the older man’s evident attempts to protect his female companions — his wife, possibly daughters, maybe even strangers — while still trying to keep things peaceful can’t help but stir admiration.
But when push came to shove, he knew just what to do and how to do it — one quick punch put the beach bully on his back for a good long while. 

Now, 44 isn’t exactly old, of course, and there are plenty of men just entering middle age who are easily in good enough physical shape to take on a man 15 years their junior.
But it’s still darn gratifying to see a mature man behaving the way a man should — trying to keep the peace as long as possible, but understanding that when it’s time to protect the women you love, there’s sometimes no substitute for physical violence.
Sometimes bullies grow up, sometimes they don’t. But men who stand up for them never go out of style.
For all the caterwauling going on these days about male aggression, videos like this are a reminder that everybody appreciates a man who will take a stand.
And if the distinctly feminine sound of the cheers for the hero of this video are any indication, women appreciate it even more.
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