Friday, July 28, 2017

William Shatner~James Woods~DavidMLatt..The Three Amigos?

Hmmm William Shatner tweeted me in the past telling me that being a Canadian citizen he could not vote in US elections and did not do politics...ha it now appears that he has joined up with James Woods and David M now we have the Three Amigos : Captain Kirk ~ Alien Slayer...James Woods ~Vampire Slayer and David M Latt ~Slayer of all things weird~from Zombies to Flying Sharks...the three have teamed up and are now slayers of SnowFlakes,Swamp and Sewer creatures...whom are well documented as being "Killer Tomatoes"...(The Gang of Eight..the DC elite) I'm seeing a sequel coming down the pike on the SYFY James Woods and William Shatner come out of semi-retirement and hook up with David Latt and become the Three Amigos~Slayer of all weird creatures ...however they need a reborne Buffy~Vampire Slayer to to round out the alliance...I'm thinking Rebekah Kennedy for that,cute,feisty... persistent being her middle name...Whatcha all think? 

William Shatner Melts Snowflakes With 2 Smug Tweets

Formerly a star on the science fiction series “Star Trek,” where he played Capt. James T. Kirk, legendary actor William Shatner, 86, now spends his days triggering social justice warriors and snowflakes on Twitter with his dose of cold, hard truth.
The latest round of triggerings began Wednesday morning, when he replied to a question about his plans by predicting he would spend most of the day fighting irrational social justice warriors: “Tweet Hello. Have SJWs get offended by figuring some obtuse way to define it. Spend my day telling them off. You know, just a typical day.”
And thus began one of the most hilarious 24 hour trigger fests in recent American history.

Within moments of the tweet being published, SJWs began popping up like moles, crying foul about Shatner’s alleged bigotry, hatred, intolerance and blah, blah, blah.
“He’s a very rich, bored old man who thinks trolling sjws is a good way to have fun,” complained one veritable snowflake with the Twitter name Azhara. “It’s pathetic. Can’t his money get him something to do?”

“And let’s watch this one become a victim right before our very eyes,” the actor quipped in reply, the point being that social justice warriors — a term that encompasses third-wave feminists, racial grievance mongers and even former President Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle — have a history of playing the fake victim card.
When one especially annoying snowflake kept incessantly harassing him, Shatner first blocked the SJW and then posted a hilarious tweet poking fun at his harasser’s alleged lifestyle.
“Now he’s been blocked so he can tell the other at Starbucks he just got blocked by me,” he wrote. “Maybe they’ll pitch in & buy him a frappachino?”

That’s hilarious. Take a look:
His joke was based on the stereotype that most social justice warriors are Starbucks-sipping hipster doofuses who act holier-than-thou and as if they know everything — but who are in reality sheltered snowflakes who’d likely crumble to pieces in the presence of the real challenges faced everyday by working-class Americas.

In short, they’re snooty elitists and airheads who simply don’t deserve to be taken seriously.
Kudos to you, Capt. Kirk.
H/T The Washington Times
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