Thursday, February 2, 2017

There is no Constitutional ‘RIGHT’ to immigrate to America

Let’s end the argument of a RIGHT to immigrate to the United States to rest once and for all. That right does NOT exist. There is no requirement for us to open our borders to anyone and that IS in the Constitution. Groups and nations have been excluded from entering this nation since its founding. Many modern era Presidents have exercised this option. There is NO comparison to any other immigrant event in recorded history. Did you know that Islam is a political system, not a religion? 
oped: Yes indeed...The Myth of is a Theocracy masked as a let me help the dumbed down ones: 

As Written By Bruce Walker for American Thinker:
There is no right to immigrate to America, and there is no duty America owes the world to accept refugees.  The pathos of leftism on this phony moral obligation invariably reverts back to the tragic efforts of German Jews to leave a Nazi world in which they were horribly mistreated.  The connection to the Holocaust, however, is utterly phony.  The overwhelming majority of German Jews did successfully leave Germany and find new homes in other lands.
Almost all the victims of the Holocaust were East European Jews – Polish, Ukrainian, Hungarian, Romanian, Russian, and Lithuanian – and the most open borders imaginable to these wretched victims would hardly have made a dent in the six million murdered by the Nazis and their allies.  The only help for these people was to conquer and occupy the lands they lived in as quickly as possible and then to impose relentlessly the superior values of America and Britain in these conquered lands.

That is, of course, always the only true answer to problems of refugees.  The first mass immigration to America was from persecuted German Catholics and Jews.  The “No Knowing Party” was formed to stop this influx, but what actually did the trick was the unification of Germany into a confederation (misnamed an “empire”) that granted completed social policy to the individual states.  Those German Catholics and Jews whose fathers thought about fleeing instead became patriotic and loyal Germans.
Irish immigration stopped when Ireland gained independence, and Italian immigration stopped when Italy was finally united.  Indeed, in both cases, as their homelands became safe, free, and relatively prosperous, there was a reverse migration of the children and grandchildren of …..
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