Thursday, February 2, 2017

Pelosi Goes on ANOTHER Unhinged Rant

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi may be suffering from too little oxygen to her brain, bad food, and her drinking water is tainted with alt-left liberal Koolaid. She is known to be hostile to anything that resembles conservatism. That may explain the attack on Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch. They say that the things you are guilty of, you accuse other people of being guilty of. 

During a town hall with CNN on Tuesday, House Minority Leader Representative Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) argued that Supreme Court nominee Judge Neil Gorsuch is a “hostile” pick that President Trump named to change the subject from his immigration order, and “if you breathe air, drink water, eat food, take medicine, or in any other way, interact with the courts, this is a very bad decision.”

Pelosi stated, “[E]lections have ramifications, and here is a living, breathing example of it. The president and his first appointment to the court, and hopefully his only appointment to the court, has appointed someone who has come down on the side of corporate America versus class action suits on securities fraud. He’s come down against employer’s — employee’s rights. Clean air, clean water, food safety, safety in medicine, and the rest, if you care about that for your children, he’s not your guy. [Former Representative] Gabby Giffords’ (D-AZ) group…said that he comes down on the side of felons, over gun safety. Hostile to women’s reproductive rights, Hobby Lobby case for example. The list goes on and on, criticized progressives for bringing cases that relate to LGBT progress, taking those cases to the courts. What saddens me the most, as a mom and a grandmother though, is his hostility towards children in school, children with autism. He has ruled that….
Pelosi: Gorsuch Is Bad If You ‘Breathe Air, Drink Water, Eat Food, Take Medicine,’ Trump Picked Him to Distract from EO – Breitbart

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