Friday, December 9, 2016

The (Liberal) Zombie Apocalypse is Here…

Zombie apocalypse?  It’s here…
If you’ve been watching television for about a year now, you may have noticed that there’s a lot of shows dealing with the gruesome. There’s zombies, vampires, even werewolves now and then. What is the fascination here?   You don’t need to watch television to see some of these creatures…you only have to venture out onto a street where there is a protest of some sort taking place.  By and large, and this is just my opinion you understand, the protesters march along with their signs and bull-horns blaring out their slogans.  When questioned about what they’re doing, a majority of them do not seem to know why they are there, which leads me to believe in zombies.   We all know, or should, what a zombie is…a person that has no will of their own and is responding to some sort of stimulus…at least that’s my impression. 

Between political correctness run amok, and the general apathy evidenced by young people today, we are being faced with the very real possibility that our country will be run by these zombies. In a time when you can wake up one morning and claim to “feel” like the opposite sex and therefore be allowed to use a bathroom of that sex, it doesn’t bode well for people who DON’T think that way. The PC crowd also wants to eliminate all manner of gender labels, to the point of ridiculousness.   In some colleges and universities it is frowned upon to call people by ANY reference to their gender. So you have banned phrases like “you guys” and words like “Sir” or “Ma’am” and, heaven forbid that you should utter something about patriotism, you might well get drummed out of the class!

What’s wrong with being patriotic?  We know, because the Supreme Court says so, that it’s alright to desecrate the American flag, even to burning it. That’s free speech and it’s covered. What isn’t covered is the possible consequence of a couple of men(Oh…can I use that word?) coming up to the flag-burner and beating the crap out of him or her.  See, free speech, or any action, always has consequences and some of them might be unintended on the part of the person committing the act. Again, what’s wrong with being patriotic? During the Vietnam War, which was undeclared by the way, the saying was that if America was good enough to live in, it was good enough to fight for…which led a number of Americans to flee to Canada and stay there until it was all over.

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