Saturday, January 16, 2016

Why Liberals Are Foaming At The Mouth Over ‘New York Values’

oped: I do believe Donald Trump made a big error on his attack on Ted Cruz...he showed his allegiance to NYC values rather than the combined values of the USA.This would have been fine had Donald been running for Mayor of  NYC or Governor of  NY state and not POTUS...Sorry to be the bearer of bad news Donald but there are 50 states that make up the USA and hundreds of thousands of cites throughout...that are not aligned with the progressive values of NYC or State for that matter.  
You really screwed up Dude... Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt called on all Nevadans ~ GOP,Conservative Independents to caucus for Ted Cruz : Join the Nevada #CruzCrew today and help us win on February 23rd.
Cruz For President
All I have to say about this matter see: 

New York Values are liberal values. Just like California values are liberal values and enjoys the nickname, the left coast.
The funny part is it is only liberals who are upset about this. Conservatives who live in NY know the truth.
Check it out:
Donald Trump and the Mainstream Media are foaming at the mouth over the comment Senator Ted Cruz made about New York values.
Now, all of us folks who are not New York City liberals know exactly what Senator Cruz was talking about — and it had nothing to do with the aftermath of 9-11.
Senator Cruz was talking about cultural and political values.
Duck Dynasty values versus Bill de Blasio values. 

He was referring to the permissive New York values celebrating public debauchery that would make the citizens of Sodom and Gomorrah blush. Just ask the families from the Heartland who’ve been accosted by topless women in Times Square.
Remember Occupy Wall Street — turning public parks into human cesspools – people defecating on police cars? He was talking about those values, too.
Along with the values that propelled citizens into the streets to justify violence against police officers. 

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