Friday, December 30, 2011

A Sarah Palin for President revival in Iowa?

First the group Conservatives4Palin began a “reconsider” movement and played ads in Iowa pleading for Palin to do so. And now, another group has emerged that has bought both television and radio ad time in Iowa just days before the Iowa Republican caucus on Jan.3.
The group is called Sarah Palin’s Earthquake Movement, name thusly because she said on a local radio show that it would take an earthquake to make her change her mind and throw her ring in the hat. Palin herself, of course, is in no way affiliated with the group, but its ads nonetheless urge supporters in Iowa to caucus for her, to “vote rogue,” which would still count in Iowa even though she’s not an official candidate. You can see and hear the ads here and here.
Amanda Coyne | Dec 28, 2011

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