Sunday, October 9, 2011

DADT reduced to the basic issue....!

The repeal of DADT will become ever so more complicated and have dire consequences over the years...
Let's examine the arguments and issue put forward ...The progressive left including the gay mafia like to compare the issue with racial discrimination during WWII..this could not be farther from the truth of the issue at hand...was racial discrimination separating blacks and whites during WWII right?...of course not but let's not forget whos administration was in power during WWII...oh my it was the Democratic remember that was the party that after the Civil War (1865) started the KKK...From the Revolutionary war up until WWII blacks and whites served together...yes some units were segregated this was a local matter depending on which area the formation of units were from! Going back in time will not make this right...but it was what it was!

Moving forward to the issue at hand...should homosexuals be incorporated into hetrosexual units...well the answer is a simple No!...This would be no different than incorporating female soldiers into male soldier units..this is never done since there is no on off switch males and females can turn on or off when placed into intimate situations such as shared toilet and showers as well as sleeping quarters...human nature of attraction would obviously be turned on!

It is a naive and childish argument to say control would be maintained...are homosexuals super human and have on off switches...I think not...nor can anyone prove different! So all we have left is to segregate homosexuals from hetrosexuals in both male and female units...thus causing what is perceived as discrimination/segregation...would it be? yes...but is it logical? the answer again would be Yes!

If the DADT repeal is allowed to stand there will be many Court Marshals...Article 15's and fights that break out...this is a given! I also see many who exodus from the all voluntary service to avoid being put into this abnormal situation!

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