Saturday, February 22, 2014

Your Tax Dollars At Work: NPR Airs Pornography

Photo credit: Mr.TinDC (Creative Commons)

National Public Radio and its television counterpart, the Public Broadcasting System, have faced mounting criticism by taxpayers who say their income is being confiscated and used to prop up these largely unpopular media outlets. Furthermore, both networks subscribe to a leftist worldview that is readily identifiable across their programming lineups.
Nevertheless, the content aired by these taxpayer-funded institutions is generally considered safe for audiences of any age. While droning hosts and dry subject matter might serve as a sleep inducer, parents have generally had little concern regarding explicit content.
Following a recent episode of NPR’s venerable program “All Things Considered,” however, that assumption apparently no longer applies.
One segment, titled “Hurting for Cash, Online Porn Tries New Tricks,” not only included highly explicit depictions of various sex acts available for Internet viewing; it actually featured audio of a pornographic film being taped.
Peter Acworth, the perverse mind behind the smutty site, was described as a sympathetic figure by the NPR host and producers.

“We’re suffering what happened to the music industry a while back,” he complained. “It’s becoming much more easy to get content for free and people are less apt to pay for it.”
Instead of exploring the societal issues behind an insatiable appetite for such content among much of the American public, this program chose to delve into exactly what the average porn viewer is interested in watching.
Airing several man-on-the-street responses, the segment returned results such as “ebony lesbian sex” and “heterosexual porn that doesn’t involve porn stars.”
It is undeniable that today’s youth – and, to some extent, individuals of all ages – are being desensitized to the most graphic sexual displays imaginable. A huge portion of all online content is dedicated to pornography; and astoundingly, public radio has found a way to celebrate the degeneracy.
The secular humanist left has ushered in a protracted cultural slide into hedonism. NPR is just doing its part to continue supporting the movement’s destructive plan for America – using the tax revenue of hardworking citizens.
Photo credit: Mr.TinDC (Creative Commons)

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